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George Psaradakis (The Bus Driver in 7/7)

I have put this post up because I think this is a key line of investigation which yet again the government has ignored.

George Psaradakis was the bus driver in the sad bus bombing. He is seen by many to be a pillar of strength through all this sadness but I think there is a lot more to him than the public are told. There are lots of odd circumstances surrounding him and the bombings.

In his version of events, he says that, instead of staying on the scene to give the police a statement, or let the paramedics see to him, he walked 10 miles across London in just under 1 hour, at an extremely unlikely speed. This could of been made harder (although this is not fact) by the injuries he might have sustained in the bomb.

There are other things which seem odd, too.

George Psaradakis' bus was the only bus to be diverted that day, in nearly the whole of London. He claims that he was told to go a different way because of the bombs in the Tube. Why, then, was no other bus (even the ones on the same route as him) diverted as well? It doesn't make sense. Also, George Psaradakis a substitute driver. What was wrong with the driver who was meant to be driving and why was Psaradakis chosen?

Another point. (This isn't entirely connected to Psaradakis but it involves the bus). In the Met. Police report, it states that 120 people were injured and 13 killed. However, there were only 80 people on board. Surely, there weren't enough people in the vicinity, not just on the bus to add up to 133. Not every single one of the passengers was injured either, so I reckon that an absolute maximum of peope injured could add up to is about 100. Nowhere near 130.

There is one other thing about his story that doesn't add up. At the memorial service for those who were killed in the bombs, it is reported by most papers that George Psaradakis couldn't attend because of a heart condition. However, Paul Dadge (the man who was on the front of the papers the next day helping the lady with a gas mask), states, in his blog, that he was sitting next to Psaradakis and his wife. (read this article at paul-dadge-blog)

Mr. Psaradakis may well be an innocent civilian who is just caught in the cross-fire of a terrorist attack, but there are several points against him that don't add up. He hasn't really done anything wrong, making it very hard to build a case against him, but some questions must be answered in his case.


Blogger Bridget Dunne said...


What a great blog, good luck with your research.

I found this article on the bus driver:

"George Psaradakis, 50, who was meant to be on another bus route but swapped with a colleague at the last minute to the No 30, thought that he had hit the pavement when the bomb went off.

“I heard a bang and thought I had hit something on the kerb, then turned around and realised the whole of the back of the bus was gone. Then I looked behind me and thought everyone must be dead.”

His bus explodes and yet he only thought he'd hit the curb!


2:10 pm  
Blogger Kier said...


I've only just come across your blog, so apologies for a late comment.

When doing research for the J7 Site, I came across a message posted on Team8+ which indicated that the swapping of the drivers may be simple coincidence.

"'Drivers swapping shifts' is not something to worry about. It happens all the time. For many, many, perfectly normal reasons. (I hardly ever did the shift I was Rota'd to do, in the 3 ? years I drove). There is absolutely nothing significant in that whatsoever."

However, the ex-driver does go on to give some information which rubbishes the 'CCTV not working' scenario.


The bus driver gets a mention in a few sections here.

6:45 pm  
Blogger Jetstar Boss said...

Hiya Kier,

Thank you for your comment.

I have myself heard that theory that bus drivers do often swap shifts, but in my research I could find nothing which explains why.

Could anybody give any reasons?

I know this may sound a bit rude but could somebody please leave it on the J7 forum and if you receive any information please leave a note here.

9:06 pm  

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