Monday, May 29, 2006

Lost His Nerve?

A story published by timesonline on August 25 2005 claims that the reason Hasib Hussain bombed a bus and not a tube train like the others was that he had LOST HIS NERVE and decided against bombing the train. I went through this story and have picked it apart accordingly and have tried to determine feeble guesswork from down right lies.

First, I will leave a link to this story so that it can be accessed easily and at your leisure. Source: Timesonline.

I have split this story into 4 (five if you count my first paragraph as two) points so that it is obvious what the faults are with it.

My first point is the "missing hour" described in this article, which was to be pieced together by detectives. This article was published on 25 August 2005, (as stated above) and we still haven't heard a thing about what really happened. This could well be another oppurtunity for the police to look like they are doing something helpful (when they aren't) and then in a couple of months time hope that by now everybody has forgotten about the "missing hour" and nobody will worry. It doesn't matter we know who did it. The police motto for their investigation. It if it really is so blindingly obvious then why haven't we seen one little bit of concrete evidence in the whole case? A whole hour just sitting in McDonalds. How likely is that for someone who is about to create havoc not only in London but across the world. In the article it states that he left three messages with his already dead friends "begging for help". Surely he would already know that they were dead? It would be pretty reasonable to assume that it was meant to be in tandem because all of the other three bombs were detonated at 8:50 am within seconds.
How do we know these telephone calls are real? Again, we have absolutely nothing to help us with this investigation apart from the pack of lies fed to us by the Government and the Police. There has been no evidence to suggest that he even went into McDonalds. There has been no STRONG evidence to show that, even if he did go to into McDonalds, that Hasib Hussein had anything had anything to do with these attacks, and that he could well have been an innocent victim who was (conveniently enough for the Government and Mr. Blair who were incidentally losing national confidence over the war against Iraq (and any other Muslims)) just an ordinary, every-day Muslim.

OK then, so for one minute lets go along with the Government's theory (what there is of it) and say that yes, he did make these phone calls even when he knew his friends were dead and that it would be impossible to contact them. Where exactly did he make these calls? In the "police source" mentioned in the article, it is claimed that Mr. Hussein is out of breath while making these calls and is very likely to be either running or walking fast while he is talking. However, in the beginning of the article, it states that Mr. Hussein took refuge at McDonalds and only then attempted to contact his partners in crime. I do not know many details about this particular McDonalds but I am quite sure that you can't walk fast around the place in an agitated manner without people becoming concerned about you and even perhaps approaching you. Another point which (quote The Antagonist) defies my sense of reason.

And then the point of the article itself. Did Hussein really lose his nerve, and, even when he knew his fellow bombers to be dead, turn once more and did indeed carry out his attack? Why would he? If he had already decided that he couldn't bring himself to commit such a terrible crime, why would he turn again and find courage to do it? And wouldn't he be put off even further by knowing that his comrades were dead, and that he was sure to suffer the same fate? His sudden turn, without any obvious emotional or physical stimulant, is pretty odd, and is made even more so by the way he allegedly thought out and kind of toyed with death.

However, there is another theory which is connected to him turning away from his "duty". It is said that the bombers were planning to make some kind of "burning cross" across London, which was agreed in their alleged "suicide pact". This could well be possible, but is slightly contradicted by the idea that the bombers staged a "dry run" just nine days before the actual attacks. In this dry run, only the three Tube bombers were involved (as far as we know) and as of yet there is no explanation of why Mr. Hussein did not complete his planned attack. It is just one of my ideas that Hussein may have been actually meant to bomb the bus and that is why he is not found on CCTV that day planning the attacks with the others. It is my theory that he was actually there staging the test run, but on that bus instead of on the Underground.

This artcle actually has more faults then it does facts.


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