Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Actual Train Times

As mentioned in my letter to John Reid, (see here) the train times that they apparently took from Luton were not possible.

I have tried to set them out clearly but if my attempts are not good enough please visit official confusion for a better layout.
Depart Arrive
Luton KX
7:04 7:40
7:08 8:26
7:21 8:19
7:20 8:15
All the times mentioned so far left Kings Cross before the alleged CCTV picture was taken so are not physically possible.
7:25 8:30
The 7:40 is the train time originally reported by most media sources in the immediate aftermath.
Any trains that went after 7:42 would be impossible for two reasons. The 7:42 train arrived at 8:39, but the bombers were allegedly caught on CCTV at 8:26 at KX. Also, one of the trains which were bombed left before 8:39, making it physically impossible for the explosions to occur. (See these times for proof).
Obviously the same goes for any trains after that.


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