Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You Call This A Reply?

I received this reply on June 20th some 32 days after I wrote to Mr. Reid (see this site for why I am not happy over the length of the wait). Frankly, its rubbish. My dad also wrote to the Home Secretary and received the exact same response. How I would love to have a meeting with the man. Not.

Dear Mr ____________,

Thank you for your e-mail of 19/05/06 addressed to the Home Secretary, In your e-mail you identify a number of areas which you believe are inaccurate or incomplete in the official report on 7th July last year. I have been asked to reply on the Home Secretary’s behalf.

I note your detailed comments on the Official Account, but please be reassured that it draws together the information across Government and from the police and intelligence agencies in order to establish clearly the events leading up the 7 July bombings. It is intended to reflect what is known about the persons responsible for carrying out the attacks and how and why they came to do what they did.

The narrative draws together the information across Government and from the police and intelligence agencies in order to clearly establish what we know about the events leading up the 7 July bombings.

About your request seeking permission to post our reply on the July 7 website, whether you decide to publish it is a matter entirely up to you.

Crime Reduction and Community Safety Group

Why would I want a reply which frankly says nothing useful and is written by someone I didn't even write to?


Blogger Bridget Dunne said...

How disappointing, it appears to be a standard reply as you pointed out, your dad received the same. We will still post it on the website.

Have you seen these photos of the bus?


Do you think they were taken shortly after the explosion? How comes there are no people around?

If they were from the following day, it seems strange that the time stamps would be so close to the actual explosion and why haven't the forensic teams picked up the debris?

Just some points.

Keep up the good work Jetstar28.

8:28 pm  
Blogger The Antagonist said...

Hi Jetstar28, not much of a response really, is it?

We've added the response to your letter on the J7 web site, including your amusing comment on the response.

Well done on all your work so far.

6:30 pm  
Blogger Jetstar Boss said...

Thank you Bridget and the Antagonist

I agree that the photos are pretty suspicious.
They could have been done then and it would have been easy to tamper with them.

And as for the funny comment, it wasn't even meant to be a joke: I just said it out of pure anger!

Please keep visiting my site as comments are much appreciated. When leaving a site please link it too as it makes it easier to access.

Many thanks,


9:31 pm  
Blogger Jetstar Boss said...

Here is the link that was in Bridget's comment for anyone who is interested.

July 7th Truth Blog

1:14 pm  

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