Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel vs Lebanon (but will it stay that way?) UPDATED

I decided to just quickly round up some news which may interest anybody reading.

The Israeli War

As you must have heard, Israel and Lebanon have declared war on each other, with the latest news being the Hezbollah chief declaring "an open battle".

I have looked at why each country would possibly want war and I have also investigated the nearby countries that may later get involved, one way or another.

I think there are three or four reasons why Israel want this war as a solution to their problems. There is the innocent reason, they just want their men back, but this seems unlikely as no public negotiation has been attempted. They don't even seem to have tried. I found this interview, in which the man seems convinced that the Lebanese provoked them. My personal opinion is a different idea though. Ehud Olmert, the new Israeli prime minister, is seen by many Israelis as quite soft on some issues, so perhaps this could be his way of proving himself a worthy leader, and I'm sure he is gaining a couple of votes in the process. The other idea is that israel just wants an excuse to go to war on the Hezbollah warriors.

What on Earth did Lebanon want to achieve when it kidnapped those two Israeli soldiers? (Some answers here?)
Could they just be cover for another country or are they really just the Hezbollah militants on their own?

Syria and Iran are kind of mysterious in this case. Did they send the rockets towards northern Israel last night? I find it unlikely but it is a possiblity.

Can Iraq free themselves from America and mount an attack? Or will America use them to fight for them?

Now, America. The old America. Meddling here, meddling there, meddling just about everywhere. I give them a week before they send in the troops.

And how long before Tony follows him?


UPDATE: Bush refuses to accept that his close allies Israel are being disproportinate in their attack and blames it all on Hezbollah. At least he knows how to sustain good friendships.


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Hi Jetstar,

See if this helps provide a little more context.

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Blogger Jetstar Boss said...

Thanx for that Antagonist,

Interesting to know a bit of background to support theories and suggestions.


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