Saturday, July 15, 2006

Labour's Dodgy Dealings

Just short and sweet, about the Lord Levy/Sainsbury news.

First, a humorous post by The Antagonist, but could it be serious? The fire-fighters quote makes it seem slightly more likely. (BBC Article)

Then the Beeb's article about the actual Levy situation.



Blogger Postman said...


The deal has been struck, Blair (Tony) gets the pols off the back of Blair (Sir Ian) and the Met, and Sir Ian gets the Plods off the pols and their quaint methods of receivng peerages.

Taxpayer pays large fine to HSE which is a small price for the death of an inoccent going about their inoccent daily business.

Blair / Blair's Faustian pact where they all agree to bury the secrets. ...telcons with Att. General etc.,

3:39 pm  
Blogger Jetstar Boss said...

Thanx Postman,

Anyone who wants it the link is This one; that is the link Postman tried to leave.


6:30 pm  

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