Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July 7th Similarities: Part I

In my research for July 7th truth, I came across the Kurt Cobain case which drew me in because I am a fan of Nirvana and similar bands. Tom Grant, (the web site owner and investigator) presents the case in a more open-minded kind of way. He has uncovered some rather startling facts e.g. Cobain had too much Heroin in his body for him to lift the gun and pull it to shoot himself. (For those who aren’t familiar with the case, it was judged to be suicide, but Courtney Love’s private investigator, Tom Grant, believes that she personally murdered him, but is constantly denied the chance to publicise his views (like with 7/7)).

The obvious similarities I noticed between the two cases were as follows:

I: As mentioned above, the investigator has found it hard to tell the public of his views. Also, whenever Grant got near something possibly odd, Love dragged him away.
II: There are many facts that don’t add up e.g. the Heroin was too much for him; that could be likened to the train times anomaly. How can you pull a trigger if you aren’t strong enough; how can you commit a crime if it is impossible for you to be there (this discrepancy has now been sorted)
III: No sufficient information is given to us in either case; when Love was asked to give names of all the rooms in the house to search, she conveniently forgot the room Cobain was eventually found in. Likewise with 7/7, the police haven’t given us any information that could be used to convict someone in court.
IV: The families/ friends of the suspected people (Cobain and the bombers) both said that it was against the nature of them to do the crimes they are accused of. Love is the only close person to Cobain who told Grant that she thought he could have done it. The friends of Sidique Khan said that the video he left behind o say he did it wasn’t him!

Surely these anomalies and coincidences must be treated seriously. It must worry us that the world is all too quick to accept things that aren’t necessarily fact.

I also found this article from zee's blog about the coincidental similarities between Abraham Lincoln and JFK.



Blogger Kier said...

Now this is interesting. I know you can probably find parallels between any two or more events if you look hard enough. It also wouldn't necessarily mean they were committed by the same kind of people with the same kind of motivations. It does show, though, that covers ups can go on all the time, for whatever reason, and are shockingly easy to pull off if the stage has been set.

Another similarity between these two events is that we were warned and warned again about July 7th happening, (not "if" but "when") and a similar 'intro' was given to Cobain's death by his suicide attempt earlier that year. Both of these made it seem more likely that the following events would be perceived in a certain way and that there would be no need for questions to be asked.

5:51 pm  
Blogger Jetstar Boss said...

Thanx kier,

Just got back from holiday!

Liked your point about the intros, and you're right about cover ups being easy to pull off.

Just look at how many wars we have!


5:51 pm  

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