Saturday, September 02, 2006

July 7th Similarities: Part I.5

The Corrupt Police

I wasn't planning this post, I only wanted a two-part similarities thing, but I couldn't resist this one.
But, like I said, I only wanted two parts, so this one became 1.5. (2 is still to come).

I read "Kissing the Rain" by Kevin Brooks, (good book do read it but I don't like the ending). It is an immensely funny read, it's about a fat kid who is picked on in school, and uses his hideout on 'his bridge' as a getaway from the world. One day he witnesses a car chase and a murder, and is asked to take his statement. This all follows easily enough, but then the chief police officer for the case comes to talk to him. He wants the boy to change his story and say that another man murdered the victim. The boy is confused, but then remembers Google is your friend, and types the name of the man that the police officer wants him to blame in. It turns out that this man had commited a murder many years before, and the officer would have convicted him, but in his investigation, the officer had done some minor paperwork wrong, and so the trial was thrown out. The officer became a laughing stock and had been looking for an excuse to put the man away ever since. The boy realises the copper is corrupt, and then the copper threatens to put the boys dad away for fiddling the benefits he is on. (I don't blame you for getting lost I read it twice before understanding it). the kid is left in a very uncompromising position, and the story goes on to describe his choice of action.

My point of focus is the bent copper. Protecting us from the world, but who protects us from them?
Is there any justice left in the world?



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