Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Contradicting the Contradictions

Just so you know I don't actually believe the whole dollar thing but........I just felt like pointing out that the writer contradicts himself by saying that on the NEW dollar bill this works.....and then follows on and says:

"What are the odds that a simple geometric folding of a $20 bill with elements of design that were conceived in 1928 by a committee of treasurers, a FULL 42 YEARS before the World Trade Center even existed, could accidentally contain a representation of both terror attacks? Pretty good, apparently."

Well if, the dollar bill is new, then might some of the "elements of design" be changed?

I got the link from "There is no 9/11 conspiracy you morons"

Once again, I do believe that the dollar bill thing is utter rubbish and that really is scraping the barrel.

Link to Article


July 7th Petition

Keep forgetting to put this up.......here is the petition all 592 signatures of it.....keep signing up!

Release the Evidence!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

The War of Terror in Films

Mind the Gap
David Shayler
UK 9/11 Truth Campaign

Just got this film and watched it last night. A very interesting video, perhaps slightly too focused on the spies side of 7/7. mind you, he is an ex-spy....for MI5 no less. He was thrown into a Paris jail and held without charge for no less than four months for a crime of.......merely exposing MI5 and MI6 in some of their dirtier works. His wife, Annie Machon, wrote a book in conjunction with Shayler, called Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers. The film is a good 7/7 documentary, but doesn't really come close to the next film.

Ludicrous Diversion
By ????
Website of ????

Loved by many, hated by few, I can't say much about this apart from that it is brilliant. The best 7/7 film so far, it details all the anomalies raised in the report. but who made it?

In the words of Jack Straw (see 1940), Tony Blair and Ian Blair, "the video bears all the hallmarks of The Antagonist".

Terror Storm
Alex Jones
Prison Planet

A very cleverly made documentary which features much in its one and a half hours plus of time. Jones covers many past false flag operations, investigates 9/11 and 7/7, and shows up the world for what it really is. one I really enjoyed, Jones also knows how to make humour work in this type of documentary.

Finally, to the person who thinks that this will stop me in my quest for July 7th truth, you are more of a lunatic than I will ever be.


Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Five Years On

What have we learned?
What have we done to prevent this happening again?
Why wasn't it stopped in the first place?
Why does George Bush and the US government keep using 9/11 as a veiled excuse in Iraq?
Will we get some answers about the anomalies in the official reports and media reports?
Why has Osama Bin Laden never been found?
Will Mr. Bush ever admit to some wrongdoing in the incident?
Will someone explain why the planes weren't cut off by fighter pilots specially trained for a similar attack?
How did the buildings fall down so fast?
Why did WCT 7 fall down even though it wasn't hit?
Did any planes hit the Pentagon?
Why was no video footage of the Pentagon being hit released until this year?
How long will it be until troops are pulled out of Iraq/ Afghanistan?
Why are there so many videos of evidence which so things that look like explosions coming out of the side of the buildings?

Why are there so many questions?


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Criminal Sentencing

Sorry this is the first post I've done in a while I've had a lot going on and there are many posts in the making still to come. I have about 5 good ideas so keep coming back to read them!

Anyway i was watching the news today and saw two articles, apparently un-linked (is that a word?), which infuriated me on the part of the criminal justice system.

The two stories included Ian Huntley's attempted overdose and boxer Naseem Hamed's early release from prison. Both were given sentences, but I want to know what these sentences mean.

If a man is given a 15-month sentence, isn't the idea that he is to stay in jail for that term of time? If not, then can't they call it 16 weeks instead, just to clarify it? This man involved in the boxer's car crash, fractured EVERY MAJOR BONE IN HIS BODY and the man who commited the horrific crime, who was incidentally DRIVING DOWN THE WRONG BLINKING SIDE OF THE ROAD AT 90MPH AT THE TIME is let out of his pitiful sentence nearly a year early, with nothing more than an electronic wristband to show for it. The world is sick. But you can't sink any lower than that. What freaking idiot at the Home Office decided that this criminal, not ex-boxing champion as the BBC affectionately names him, I'm calling him a criminal, should be let free this early? I have a paper round and I deserve my pay more than that lot.
The victim is reported to be "shocked" at the decision. I wouldn't be shocked at the decision, I wouldn't even be talking to the press at that time because I would be on the phone to the Home Office complaining for as long as it would take them to stick this idiot who was reportedly "showing off" straight back in a cell.

And could this idiot even care less anyway about what he has done? All he can say is "at least nobody died." The disgusting Hamed goes on to try and win us over to SYMPATHISE with him, and tells us how he "couldn't see his newborn kid". I want to see the kid's reaction when he hears about his dad's past.

And what exactly do these tags do?

On holiday in Wales, there was a story about a "dangerous" sex offender who was released early and (I think) was tagged. The man was missing for over a week, but why, (with his tag), was he so hard to find? He has now returned to police.

I went on the criminal justice system online, and found that their course of action is: crime reported, investigation, court, SENTENCING, PUNISHMENT and rehabilitation. Fat chance.
The Ian Huntley Case

Ian Huntley, convicted murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, was today found in his cell unconcious after trying to take an overdose. My point of focus, however, is his sentence. It says in the article that Huntley was given two life sentences.
Is he a cat? Does he have nine lives? If yes, then two life sentences would fit, but if no, how can he serve both? I am under-privileged and deprived, and am in the possession of only one life. I could not fill the capacity of two life sentences. I know of other convicted murders/ rapists/ gunmen who have been given life sentences and have then been released after only 20 years. Shouldn't a life sentence be just that? A sentence which you are stuck with for your life?


Saturday, September 02, 2006

July 7th Similarities: Part I.5

The Corrupt Police

I wasn't planning this post, I only wanted a two-part similarities thing, but I couldn't resist this one.
But, like I said, I only wanted two parts, so this one became 1.5. (2 is still to come).

I read "Kissing the Rain" by Kevin Brooks, (good book do read it but I don't like the ending). It is an immensely funny read, it's about a fat kid who is picked on in school, and uses his hideout on 'his bridge' as a getaway from the world. One day he witnesses a car chase and a murder, and is asked to take his statement. This all follows easily enough, but then the chief police officer for the case comes to talk to him. He wants the boy to change his story and say that another man murdered the victim. The boy is confused, but then remembers Google is your friend, and types the name of the man that the police officer wants him to blame in. It turns out that this man had commited a murder many years before, and the officer would have convicted him, but in his investigation, the officer had done some minor paperwork wrong, and so the trial was thrown out. The officer became a laughing stock and had been looking for an excuse to put the man away ever since. The boy realises the copper is corrupt, and then the copper threatens to put the boys dad away for fiddling the benefits he is on. (I don't blame you for getting lost I read it twice before understanding it). the kid is left in a very uncompromising position, and the story goes on to describe his choice of action.

My point of focus is the bent copper. Protecting us from the world, but who protects us from them?
Is there any justice left in the world?