Friday, June 30, 2006

G2 Interview

To anyone who already reads The Antagonist and others blogs then you will probably have already read it but it is the first oppurtunity we have had to be recognised by the media and the general public so please read it.

To anyone who hasn't, the Guardian gave Bridget and the Antagonist an interview recently and it was put on their website a couple of days ago.

Guardian Story

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You Call This A Reply?

I received this reply on June 20th some 32 days after I wrote to Mr. Reid (see this site for why I am not happy over the length of the wait). Frankly, its rubbish. My dad also wrote to the Home Secretary and received the exact same response. How I would love to have a meeting with the man. Not.

Dear Mr ____________,

Thank you for your e-mail of 19/05/06 addressed to the Home Secretary, In your e-mail you identify a number of areas which you believe are inaccurate or incomplete in the official report on 7th July last year. I have been asked to reply on the Home Secretary’s behalf.

I note your detailed comments on the Official Account, but please be reassured that it draws together the information across Government and from the police and intelligence agencies in order to establish clearly the events leading up the 7 July bombings. It is intended to reflect what is known about the persons responsible for carrying out the attacks and how and why they came to do what they did.

The narrative draws together the information across Government and from the police and intelligence agencies in order to clearly establish what we know about the events leading up the 7 July bombings.

About your request seeking permission to post our reply on the July 7 website, whether you decide to publish it is a matter entirely up to you.

Crime Reduction and Community Safety Group

Why would I want a reply which frankly says nothing useful and is written by someone I didn't even write to?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Actual Train Times

As mentioned in my letter to John Reid, (see here) the train times that they apparently took from Luton were not possible.

I have tried to set them out clearly but if my attempts are not good enough please visit official confusion for a better layout.
Depart Arrive
Luton KX
7:04 7:40
7:08 8:26
7:21 8:19
7:20 8:15
All the times mentioned so far left Kings Cross before the alleged CCTV picture was taken so are not physically possible.
7:25 8:30
The 7:40 is the train time originally reported by most media sources in the immediate aftermath.
Any trains that went after 7:42 would be impossible for two reasons. The 7:42 train arrived at 8:39, but the bombers were allegedly caught on CCTV at 8:26 at KX. Also, one of the trains which were bombed left before 8:39, making it physically impossible for the explosions to occur. (See these times for proof).
Obviously the same goes for any trains after that.